About Us

Having lived in London, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Shanghai and Beijing intermittently all my life, I become increasingly aware of the impacts of weather on us every day.  The weather is like a never ending saga with the elements of heat, water and wind melding, meshing, mingling, muddling ….It is making its presence felt more and more even in the cities.  With these opening lines of our story, it seems fitting to be the first chapter of a sci-fi thriller about a catastrophic weather phenomenon.  On the contrary, our story is a much more lighted-heart one!

Like me, our team of Aquales (“water bird” in Latin) is a group of global citizens, including talented Italian and Korean designers, German, Taiwanese and Chinese product makers, British as well as Hong Kong business managers… At Aquales we want to provide weatherwear and accessories that help you make the most of the weather – whether it’s having fun rolling in the snow, splashing about in the rain, or stretching in the sun…. Our weatherwear and accessories specially designed with urban living in mind, are of high quality that you will wear year after year, at affordable prices and quintessentially of effortless chic that are more than a match for the weather.

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